PCs4VETS is a non-profit, service disabled veteran owned business. We are committed to providing, at no cost to our veterans and their family members, the basic technology and educational resources needed to achieve their personal, educational and professional goals after having served our country in the Armed Forces.


PCs4Vets intends to create a network of online and offline tutorials and video that can be distributed via the Internet and will be exclusive for veterans and veteran family members.

Participants will be able to upload and download tools/materials, access information, and engage in forum discussions via the PCs4Vets interactive portal. Regardless of time or geographical location, veterans and veteran family members are only a “click” away from e-learning based skill building, organizational resources and collaborating with their peers. This network will also connect unemployed veterans to employment opportunities and other career possibilities.

PCs4Vets protocol and primary modules is written by PCs4Vets Board and committee members and with information from Microsoft. The PCs4Vets curriculum features introductions to core modules of starting and running a business by high-level experts from various areas of business and business start up. Through video vignettes and case study examples, industry experts will share best practices and teach students important lessons related to business that they have learned throughout their careers. Another aspect of training is to encourage participating veterans to duplicate our protocol. We will provide information packets, a teaching syllabus, and other resources that will help them help other veterans.

PCs4Vets emphasis and focus during the beginning stages is disabled veterans and their spouses. They will always remain our highest priority.

Separated Families

Computers from PCs4Vets are available to families separated from a family serving on active-duty or National Guard duty overseas. We hope to enable our service members families to communicate with the serving loved one on an economical and timely basis through the use of technology and support from the donor community.

You Can Donate A Computer

PCs4Vets is currently seeking pledges of computer donations from individuals and companies which will go to a veteran or a veteran family member. It may be possible to write off the current value of your donated computer off on your taxes.

You Can Receive A Computer

PCs4Vets is now compiling the names of veterans and their family members that would like to receive computers and or training to become more employable or even start their own business. All computers are completely refurbished with a new operating system and software from Microsoft and ready to use. Additional software and links have been added to provide help and support specifically to give veterans equal footing in the job market and help them in finding other needed resources such as medical benefits, counseling, and organizations that are interested in serving our Veterans.